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Texts : works & research in aesthetics and social sciences

La naissance des idées : lien vers la page

Depuis quelques années vous êtes nombreux à lire mes textes et articles et à venir me rencontrer en exposition pour échanger à ce sujet. En tant qu'artiste conceptuelle, j'ai décidé d'initier la diffusion de mes textes et ce pour plusieurs raisons 

  • premièrement pour expliciter ma démarche artistique,

  • montrer ce qu'est le travail de recherche préalable à la production artistique : souvent plusieurs années d'expérience et de réflexion idiosyncratique qui se sont sédimentées

  • aborder des sujets de société, de sujets politiques ou philosophiques et les travaux d'autres artistes et acteurs de la société sur ces sujets.

Trois articles théoriques ou techniques :

  • Une réflexion sur le concept sémiologique de "congruation" en gravure et les conflits liés à l'extraction de sable en baie de Saint Brieuc

  • Une production sonore et des méthodes de construction en composites

  • Un texte sur la recherche sonore et éthologique ayant accompagné le projet de performance "Les Nuées"


Art and Action Research Project in Aesthetics and Social Movement Theory 

PDF in English / PDF in English

Intervention at the international city of ARTS in Paris:

Art and action research project in aesthetics and theory of social movements


The YADUSMOG-IA project is a pastiche of weather applications for navigators. This artistic & scientific project has been tested in Saint-Malo since March 2019.

We have installed a network of air sensors with first activists to measure air pollution and humidity in order to carry out a participatory science study. The training of artificial intelligence modify the representation of the landscape according to the rate of particulate matter captured nearby, based on pictorial representations of "smog" learned by A-I's.

Cenote v3: research notes

Document including many stories and texts collected

about sea caves, fairies of swells,

and various research notes.

Cenote: research-creation project / process, concepts and methodology

We work on the emotional, perceptual, cognitive, social and political dissonances and resonances created by different types of visual and sound materials associated with cenotes, and by extension with caves. We thus explore the concept of resonance associated with diff erent types of cenotes or caves on several levels, which correspond to as many versions of our installation. As part of the first version of the cenote, we collected many sounds and visuals in "field recording", especially in the spaces of natural and intertidal caves called ghouls and swells.

Arcane game:  mythological and symbolic account of the works produced

Different versions of the myth exist, according to which the destinies of Ariadne or Icarus vary.

By following these destinies: narrative threads are woven; they lead to an exit from the labyrinth: towards the apotheosis or the hubris punished by the gods. The exhibition-game questions gender stereotypes spanning the centuries, human anxieties are spatially formalized, and collective sacrificial behaviors are revealed.

Theoretical and field research in anthropology and political science in political ecology and collective resource management: 

Anthropology &  Political science   :

The Brazilian participatory model meets the organization "  cabocla  »Customary,

The case of anthropized extractivist reserves in the Brazilian Amazon  :

We will detail the operation of an innovative political experience both in terms of participation and consideration of the environment.  : the experience of extractivist reserves in Brazil. In these reserves, an original management system has been set up which has emerged as a result of taking into account the need to integrate civil society and indigenous populations in the governance of the territories. This article reviews the theories and political events that today allow customary politics to take hold.  "  hybridize  »With participatory institutional practices. This study follows an ethnography carried out in the largest reserve of Para in Brazil and takes into account the effects of politicization on the various actors present, and testifies to the political experiments at work.

Political anthropology  :

The ecological turning point in French agriculture  :

Motivations and resistance of agricultural worlds


The development of the common agricultural policy at the end of the 1990s emphasized the role "  multifunctional  Of agriculture. How this multifunctionality modifies the social and ecological role assigned to the farmer  ? Why is it arousing so much resistance  ? Some answers will be provided through the prism of cultural anthropology. This will allow us to see how the relationship with nature of agricultural professions differs from that of the average citizen, and causes strong resistance to change and state intervention.

Anthropology  :

Extractivist reserves in Brazil:
Creation of reserves anthropized by the convergence of agrarian & ecological struggles


This article develops a discursive and chronological reconstruction of the
construction of extractivist reserves. The inhabitants of these territories derogate from the title of individual property for that of collective property. Classified as conservation units: these territorial units are weakly anthropized. The practice of extracting natural resources is used as a criterion: in order to identify on the one hand the territory and to categorize the populations. We will see that the social struggles for the emancipation of small local, landless peasants, and syringueiros joined the environmental causes. This convergence of struggles has allowed the institutionalization of RESEX (extractivist reserves) in Brazil: as a pilot experience of anthropized sustainable development reserves.

Anthropology  :

The ethnogenesis of the TAPAJOS-ARAPIUNS region:  Indians recently "  assumed  »To territorial and cultural claims  : return on an ethnography carried out in the first extractivist reserve of Para

ABSTRACT :  In the north of Brazil, in the region of Tapajos, we have observed a resurgence of Amerindian identities over the past twenty years. These processes are called "  ethno genesis  From the root ethnos which means group. Bartolomé defines certain processes of ethnogenesis as the revitalization and updating of ancient ethnic filiations to which their carriers had been induced or forced to renounce [M. Bartolomé, 2006, p45]. According to this acceptance of the term ethnogenesis we will observe the different political cycles of the Tapajos region in the heart of the state of Para, Amazonian state of Brazil, based on an ethnography.

Others :

Political science   :

Economic and political neo-regionalisms in the European Union  :

Why regionalist and ethnicist organizations campaign for European federalism  ?


The renewal of public action in the European Union makes it possible to assess its interactions with regionalist movements. Certain regionalist organizations and parties have therefore displayed pro-European orientations while displaying the necessary "  regionalization  »Of Europe, a European federalism based on regions is often imagined and or cited as an example by associations or parties from Catalonia, Brittany or the Basque Country. 

Cultural anthropology   :

Cirio de Nazaré, Bélem do Pará, Brazil

The myth of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré gave rise to one of the most important religious festivals in South America. Two million people then travel to Belém do Para in Brazil to take part in the celebrations. Many conflicts and negotiations take place during the rituals of the festival. Social groups dispute it and appropriate it: anti-clerical social struggles, the fight against the military junta and more recently the pro-indigenous movements  and  gay rights. 

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