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What is and what is no longer

Patient (s) & Pauline.h

Spatialized sound performance

for a noise painter,

two improvising musicians

and a soundscape


poetic expression borrowed from the poet fishermen of North Finistère to designate the foreshore, an ephemeral maritime landscape if there is one, where each sandbank visible, each bird heard, is already disappearing.

Beyond the pictorial and musical composition improvised around the collection, sound sensors placed on the transparent canvas allow a transmission of the pictorial gesture in sound.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The performance therefore also explores the sonification of the act of painting, thereby creating a sound space which is itself close to the landscape. Finally, sound work is carried out live on the collected extracts in order to highlight the weakest environmental noises, such as birdsong, the noises of insects or worms ...

which are most often masked by environmental noises linked to humans such as engine sounds, voices, etc.

In this show around the notion of impermanence, musical and pictorial improvisation serves as an allegory to the landscape, where everything is constantly done and undone. The theme of the landscape is envisaged as an INTERFACE or a translation-transition space. In the background, there is the question of our place in these natural cycles, and our impact on them.

The performance is organized around a collection of sounds and shapes within a place; These sounds and forms are then reinterpreted during the show, highlighting the importance and the poetry of the sound ecology of landscapes.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

During the performance, listeners are invited to evolve within a 5-point sound spatialization device, allowing complete immersion. They are invited to change their point of view and listening during the show.

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