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Embruns Documents

Exhibition of video and sound creations in situ in the city of Saint-Malo
from 01 to 21 February 2022

In collaboration with Séverine Walter, videographer and Guy Prigent, ethnologist, writer
& the CLPS of Saint-Malo

This project is a work of creative accompaniment of a class of young foreigners in regular situation of Saint-Malo. Guy and I are anthropologists, Guy specializes in maritime anthropology. We discussed and carried out writing workshops to define what are the relationships developed with the Saint-Malo coastline. From these exchanges, we brought out categories of relationship to the coast that we felt it was relevant to explore. We have set up sound and video research groups with the students around these strong ideas, and we have co-produced films and soundtracks with the students.  These video and sound creations were then disseminated along an urban route. 


Places of exchanges, friendly or family gatherings: the coast is often a pretext for reunions, exchanges. Public space, new links are forged and relationships are sketched out.

To explore

Conquering the world and its ecological and human wealth, we cross these new places.

Explorers of infinity, gazes on the lookout.

Inner look

The impressions follow one another astonishment, surprise, incomprehension:

the discovery of the Saint-Malo coast, its stigmata and seasonal transformations seize the visitor and the foreign gaze.

Looking towards oneself, introspection: the coast offers the horizon to dive into, and contemplate the surf mirroring our memories, letting emotions flow or ebb.



explorercoef 180
00:00 / 02:00
regard intérieurcoef 180
00:00 / 03:20

Video :

etrangetécoef 180
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contactcoef 180
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