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Erosion & hydrodynamics - painting:


oils on canvas

Artistic residency France

Erosion tree, mixed media, backlit plexiglass, 110/65 cm

realized as part of an artistic residency at HAMEAU DE LA SABLIERE, gorges du Tarn

The ocher & yellow pigments were taken locally, in the Causses.

Different elements of the landscape are recomposed, strata, water infiltration appear,

At the top of the causses efflorescences are observed on the limestone,

the runoff of rainwater draws tree shapes on the stone, reminiscent of tree roots or the designs the tide makes on the sand.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Coral, symbiosis, oil on canvas, 162/95 cm

The technique used allows the removal of material, the dendrites and clumps are drawn

The use of a tool made of small metal files allows the drawing of micro growth strata which form the coral massif built by the polyps.

Corals are made of thousands of tiny animals: the polyp. The formation of reefs lies in their symbiosis with millions of unicellular zooxanthellae algae. Hard corals are said to be "reef builders" by calcification; which explains their white color when they wither.

They participate in the protection of coastal erosion by the formation of coastal barriers and the creation of atolls.


The ruins of Tapajos , mixed media on canvas, 120/80 cm [SOLD | SOLD]

This painting is made following a trip to Brazil where I was studying social changes in an extractivist reserve in the State of Para, Brazil, in the center of the legal Amazon.

This painting is a view from above, a sort of fantasy "google earth".

We follow the design of the Tapajos river in the heart of an ocean of green forest.

The pigments or sediments penetrate into the forest and illustrate the soil erosion that I have observed on the edge of the river, where many inhabitants move their habitats to escape the rising waters.

Archaeological ruins are also mentioned on the web, they were recently discovered and testify to a pre-Columbian civilization

The dam project under construction on the Sao Luiz do Tapajos reserve during my last stay was to cover all or part of this area as well as these little-known and unexplored remains.

KARST karst erosion , mixed media on wood, 53 / 150cm

produced as part of an artistic residency at the HAMEAU DE LA SABLIERE, gorges du Tarn [SOLD | SOLD]

Limestone and pigments were taken locally.

Water infiltration appears between the limestone strata,

the caves also emerge, tree bark and mosses appear & follow the paths that water traces in the mineral element.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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