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I-A  Yadusmog

Fine particle sensor network &
Artificial intelligence training
visualization of pollution rates

Beginning of March 2019

Saint-Malo / World

partner: Osons Saint Malo Association

hosting: Osons St Malo website

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Application interfaces :

Landscape filmed by the camera and modified in real time by the AI via the yadusmog application:

  • Installation of an air sensor network in Saint Malo measuring air pollution and its hygrometry in order to carry out a large-scale participatory science study, district by district

  • Correlation between hygrometry & floating PM rate in air

++ Training of artificial intelligences to recognize increases in particle rates and modification of the representation of a landscape

+++ Machine learning from pictorial representations of “smog” made by Pauline Hégaret by learning AI & style transfers

++++ Critical ecology generative artificial intelligence - connection to the closest sensor and use of the phone's webcam to visualize a transformed or revealed landscape

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