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Erosion video mapping

saint malo - sillon de talbert


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Statement of intent :

I lived above a cave dug in Paramé, a district of Saint Malo. During the Second World War it served as protection for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. It forms an elbow, a sort of meander in the topography.

Digged by the hand of man, it is located just a few meters from a dry area which was a former marsh of Saint Malo - the sea reached the foot of this Paramean mound.

I work among other themes on that of erosion - the house of my childhood is located on the side of a cliff: a cliff whose slow erosion we watched.

In 2012, I lived for several months in indigenous and semi-assimilated communities in the Brazilian Amazon in the Tapajos-Arapiuns region - indigenous communities are suffering the full brunt of coastal erosion : due to rising sea levels linked to the acceleration of the melting of the Andean massif. The new turbidity of the water caused by this erosion causes new diseases among the inhabitants even though they live thousands of km from the sea - the injustice of the situation struck me.

I started noticing local changes, traveling and studying the cartographies and scientific publications on this subject - late 19th early 20th century we would have called this type of obsessive and secular pseudo science: "A marotte".

In 2018 we carried out an installation with an ethnologist of maritime heritage on the coast close to the Talbert furrow in order to observe this long dune ridge - following a north-west storm and a high tide: the furrow gave way and a breach opened, the morphology of the furrow then totally changed.

I filmed the flow of water within this new breach, the natural pools that were dug there.

It is these flows filmed in the breach of the Talbert furrow that I video projected and mapped in the Paramé cave: a cave dug by human forces but whose preliminary shape and outline were perhaps initiated by the sea .

flows 2: boreholes

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