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Mythophories series


type: installation, sculpture

materials: chestnut wood, brushed aluminum, stainless steel cables

For several years now, I've been imagining moving sculptures, objects that can be performed with and moved around.

Installed sculptures that dialogue with landscapes and their stories. Reading several myths and legends relating to the Rance estuary inspired me to create a number of forms and installations. In Rance, the story was told of the flight of stones and granite rocks. Semi-divine creatures projected the stones along the banks of the Rance and the caves into the sky. These stones were found in the middle of the surrounding fields and marshes, intact and standing like menhirs.

These two sculptures from the Mythophorie series are the Membrures, inspired by the "ribs" of naval architecture, the structure that supports the entire ship & receives the mechanical forces. The sculptures are ready to fly or simply run aground. Local myths and legends were part of an often oral culture, establishing social norms and explaining certain natural phenomena. Today, ancient local myths are still told, in keeping with the current trend to folklorize territories. They no longer explain reality, but remain a source of wonder for tourists, historians and ethnographers.


However, I believe that sometimes myths or "mythèmes", ersatz or "pieces" of myth, endure and leave a mark on an area. The Maison du Passeur de la Rance is home to legendary stories and tales, due to its location at the crossroads between the two banks of the river. Today, the nearby Passagère naval cemetery and shipyard continue to attract visitors.

There are probably places that never cease to act as catalysts for stories, strandings, adventures and passages.

The ribs are this common base, which constitutes culture and yet reproduces itself with the infinite modulations we know, rarely without clashes or chaos.

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