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Romanticism A.

photographic project
panorama of landscapes

This series evokes our contemporary turmoil in the face of landscapes: are they or are they not condemned or contaminated?

In addition to existential anxiety, which concerns our finitude, there is now added anxiety in the face of the finitude of our environments and their possible dangerousness.


2012 -  2018

This photographic series is under construction.

It is inspired by the author's biography and the emergence of the Romantic movement in the visual arts.

The landscape often appears there as a reflection of the soul, romanticism puts man in front of a disturbing fate.

The Traveler Contemplating a Sea of ​​Clouds, from 1818 by the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich ., Is the work I am inspired by to create these photographic paintings.

During many trips I have observed various environmental problems (floods, erosions etc.).

These experiences having become my new normal,

I decided to take a back photo of myself observing these same landscapes, as well as the people who live there.

A sort of reverse selfie, this series evokes our confusion in the face of natural changes over which our individual hold seems to have little weight.

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