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THEchestnut, acacia-locust and oakare species that are relatively easily found in Brittany. Ofcategories 4 & 5: these species are durable outdoors: this is the reason why I use them to make pieces of urban design, or monumental sculptures for the exterior.

Oak has always been used locally for shipbuilding, some structural parts have sometimes been made inacacia-robinia. I work with Robinia for its many qualities:rot-proof and very hard, this wood is also resistant to mechanical attacks. I also like to use the acacia locust because this species grows everywhere and sometimes considered invasive, it seems relevant to me to highlight its many qualities.

I use wood from local sawmills, local and French sectors and short circuits.

The chestnut and oak come from Brittany and Rennes copses, the acacia-robinier comes from Brittany or the east of France. 

For the realization of large pieces of sculptures, and some prototypes of interior furniture, I decided to supply myself with local wood from a pruning cooperative. This allows the recovery of local wood resources that would be lost, while avoiding the felling of more distant forests or coppices.

Having made study stays in reserve in the Brazilian Amazon, I am firmly opposed

to the use of exotic woods.


For the design of street furniture:

I do not use varnish for solid wood structures placed outdoors, as their durability cannot be guaranteed. However, an ecological stain can be impregnated before installation on site.

For design and sculpting:

I use natural colors to tint the heartwood by soaking: however, it takes a few weeks more soaking. 


On exceptional request, painting can be done on the wood. We will discuss together its appearance, its mechanical & ecological qualities.


I draw on plan and in 3d all the parts which are then cut, welded and assembled. 

Outdoors: I work with aluminium, corten steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel as needed.

I have the galvanization carried out after assembly and welding by a company located in Brittany. Galvanization provides 30-year anti-corrosion durability for outdoor structures. Very large parts can be galvanized.

I work with a metal craftsman for the realization of some of my design pieces. 

Exterior resins:

Sometimes I work with epoxy resins, in which case I use 35% bio-sourced resins.

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